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Inspired is an understatement. Loved

Inspired is an understatement. Loved learning from the instructors. Leant would much just on the first day- made friends for life. So much more then just poke. Thank you! Xoxo

Felicity Roberts

I absolutely adored doing a

I absolutely adored doing a 7 day pole camp with Anastasia Sokolova last year in Kiev, Ukraine. It was indeed one of the best experiences I ever had! I had always admired her and it was a dream come true to be able to meet my inspiration. She is sweet and caring yet super professional at the same time. Meeting other girls from around the world was lovely as well. The camp was definitely worth every penny and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again next chance I get !

Zei Khauli


participating in ANASTASIA SOKOLOVA CAMP. Is more than just taken pole dancing class .
Is a privilege to meet such an amazing person and learning from her and all her team really profesional . Talented and really each one of them make it such an unforgettable experience
Of your life ..

Is really worth it .. the value of sharing acquiring all the good things from her .. encourage you.. a real challenge . And show you the best of all … It was such a grateful experience to met some one with such an amazing heart and so beautiful from the inside and show it to the outside ..
Thanks for all I could learn at your camp and of you!! I hope to see you soon in the next camp. Is not a good bye .. is just a see you later !!


Всем привет ! Мечта сбылась

Всем привет ! Мечта сбылась ! Я попала на мастер класс к Анастасии Соколовой ,который состоялся на Пкухете! Получила самые невероятные эмоции и знания ! Занятия с Анастасией много дали для моего начального уровня! Каждый день в течение недели Анастасия показывала и обучала Новым трюкам ! Заряжала положительными эмоциями ! Знакомство с Анастасией произвело на меня огромное впечатление ! Это девочка с мощной энергетикой , одновременно красивая, обаятельная и сексуальная ! Находясь на этом мастер классе я не только взяла для себя новые знания , но и знакомство с девочками с разных стран !Это очень круто !Спасибо , Анастасия тебе огромное ! Также хочу сказать огромное спасибо Дженни ! Девочки , я очень рада , что попала к вам и знакомству с вами !

Kulikova Anastasiya

Sokolova is a goddess! By

Sokolova is a goddess! By that time, I couldn’t be happier about this super opportunity. We spend one week together, and more than pole, we shared life experiences! I learnt tricks that I never taught I’d be capable of doing. It was perfect!

Nayani Paula Rodrigues de Oliveira

I have always been a

I have always been a fan of Anastasia Sokolova, as probably all pole dancers are. Going to Thailand was special.. now, going to Thailand with Sokolova was beyond awesome! The vamp
itself brought so much new information and new tricks to my pole dancing life, learning from Anastasia herself was incredible! meeting Jenny and all she adds to the program also something. I would return in a heartbeat!! Amazing camp. dream come true!

mariana ava

I was part of the

I was part of the pole camp in Kiev. And it was one of the best decision I ever made in my pole dancing life <3.
I took only weekend package but it didn`t feel like I was there short or missing something. So much quality fulfilled time and great team. I will never forget you guys.

Anastasia is so caring and amazing person, always looking after us, not only on workshop. She made sure that we get everything we needed in every moment of our stay in Kiev.
To make it short: trainings were great, organization was on high level, Anastasia is beautiful person and dancer, we had lot of work, we learned a lot and, last but important, we had so much fun together.
And I will come again, that for sure!



Anastasia is such a warm,

Anastasia is such a warm, funny, amazingly talented en caring person! I really enjoyed her crazy acrobatics and powerful tricks. Also the other instructors Annatonina, and the lovely lady for stretches, are very talented and give good explanation. I fell in love with Odessa and its poeple, the food and sun 🙂 I wil be back!

Cai sanders

It’s been a year since

It’s been a year since I crossed over the fear of the unknown, sat on the plane and went alone to another state to meet my idol – a woman who changed my life, who is the reason why I started to dance and who beside being incredibly talented is a wonderful and dear person. Her name is of course Anastasia Sokolova.

Not to go into detail, here’s a short: super team, nice food, great organization, top trainings and experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. ❤️

Melania Horvat

Pole camp in Odessa was

Pole camp in Odessa was amazing expierence for me. I was dancing pole dance only 4 months before this camp, so at the beginning it was really difficult for me, but after camp i became more confident, stronger and happier.I met really nice people from other countries. it was amazing time we spend together. i’m really happy that i did this and i definitely will do it again 🙂


Most fun pole experience ever!

Most fun pole experience ever! Finally met my dream pole idol Anastasia Sokolova. Classes are super fun and also great challenge for myself. Finally be able to learn my dreams tricks, Sokolova’s signature tricks in break down steps. The studio was located in beautiful Phuket Resort. We also explore Thailand nature together besides classes. It was a great opportunity to meet pole lovers all around the world!

Meiting Shan

Hi I stay rally rally

Hi I stay really really Grateful for I can live this experience I was to Kiev to first Sokolova Pole Camp in Ucrania.
That was so perfect Anastasia its very talented and have a lot patience for learning us.
The others students come from the all world.
I really liked come back the next year I hope that come true.
Anastasia is very profesional and the other teachers Who working in Sokolova Dancé estudio like Genna or Alina. All have very patience for learning diferents ejercies and tricks in Pole Dancé. I really like come back. Kiev I see you the next year

Thiare Francesa Espada

Hello everyone. Some weeks ago

Hello everyone. Some weeks ago I came back from the pole camp in Odessa. It was my first experience like that and I liked that so much… I already miss it and I would like to go there again. Firstly I was little bit nervous bcz I’m a beginner but after that i read again in website that all levels are able to come so I came. Of course some tricks I couldn’t do but some of them which I didn’t expect that I could do – I did. And wow. I was so happy. What I have after the camp? Of course I improved my skills a lot and I see now in which parts and with which tricks I have to work more.
All our team was very nice guys and Anastasia is very positive, friendly and funny person. We had a lot of different classes: stretching, chair dance, pole dance and exotic pole dance. Also we went together to some parties to get to know each other better. And Odessa it’s really cool and cheap place with great wether so everything was at high level. Looking forward to come to a new camp. Thank you a lot, Anastasia. See you ❤️

Alina Martynenko

Давно хотела попасть на мастер-класс

Давно хотела попасть на мастер-класс от Анастасии. Мечта наконец сбылась ???? спасибо за очень интересные занятия! Помимо Анастасии так же хочу сказать спасибо всем тренерам, которые разнообразили наши уроки и много интересного рассказали и показали!)) ????????❤️

Дорохина Анастасия

Pole Camp in Odessa 2019During

Pole Camp in Odessa 2019
During some time I have been following Anastasia Sokolova and been a big fan of the energy she puts into her pole dancing. When I saw that she had a summer camp I was not in doubt that this could be a great opportunity to develop my pole skills with one of the best.
The camp was no disappointment.
Anastasia had allied her selves with a great team, and she and the team had thought of everything.
Just a small thing like there was some one recording the education for us, meant that we could concentrate 100% on learning instead of fumbling with the mobile all the time.
Anastasia is very good at reading people, make them comfortable, and adapt to the signals given from each one in the group. She was always present during the lessons she had “outsourced”, to support or translate if necessary. Personally I was a big fan of having one lesson with Anastasia each day, as I came to learn from her, but as above mentioned, the team surrounding us, were so amazing and I learned a lot from each one of them.
Sometimes we were presented with a combo that looked so amazing presented of Anastasia, that the first thought was “what the f… just happened” but when the combo was broken down and we had some times to try it we were amazingly on our way to do it ourselves.
One week after the camp, I am back in Denmark with a lot of new cool energy tricks and combos I can practice and have fun with during the next months.
This has been such a nice camp, and I can only recommend you to take the next step and book into a camp with Anastasia. I will probably be back my selves within a year or two.

Michael Adelhart Baun


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